Thursday, March 23, 2006

LOST recap: The Whole Truth

Miracle, my ass. She may look like perfection, Jin, but she's lying to you, brother.
So we've got another baby on the way, though given the show's timeline it'll be into season four or five before she delivers; leading to some huge showdown with the Others, no doubt, with their hard-on for baby snatching.

This was an all-female episode of LOST, in that the writers (Elizabeth Sarnoff & Christina M. Kim) and director (Karen Gaviola) were all of the fairer sex. And, of course we had a flashback told entirely from Sun's perspective instead of the Sun and Jin flashbacks we usually get.
This was also a really funny episode: Rose and Bernard's bickering ("it's Saturday, Bernard!"); Jack and Locke's shower rendezvous (By the way, here's Locke staring right at Jack's little doctor); Sawyer reading Judy Blume; and Hurley and Sun's meeting in the jungle.

It's interesting the past few episodes to see the writers taking the characters back to their season one comfort zones: so we get angry Jin again, just when we need him. Since the first half of the season focused mostly on getting Michael and the raft crew, with the tail section group, back with Jack and Locke's camp (more on this adorable couple later); we saw a bit more of 'Han Solo' Sawyer and 'Chewie' Jin. Now that they're nice and settled in, Sawyer's again a petulant brat and Jin's a raging wookie.

A hell of alot happened in this episode; which is great because it didn't come at the expense of character development. Sometimes it feels a bit like they're spinning their wheels (I'm looking in your direction, One of Them); but at its top form, nothing on TV (except maybe the Sopranos) beats this show's writing.

Sayid is going to do something stupid, that much is clear. He's going very dark. And he's got Darth Charlie along with him, literally sleeping at his feet like a dog.

Ana-Lucia may be in like with Jack, but she's clearly more intrigued by Sayid, who is closer to her wavelength, in the same way that Kate and Sawyer are to each other.

So now to this wormy little fuck: Yes, Henry Gale is an Other. We know this, but we can't prove it. Like Sayid, we just know.
What it feels like we're leading to is Henry's confession. We almost had it this episode, but since we see his balloon in the sneak previews for next week, who knows? And it really would be more of a surprise at this point for the writers to go the other way with Henry, and make him a genuine nerd from Minnesota; to have him be telling the truth.
Remember though, since Grizzly Adams was revealed to be wearing a fake beard, the Others are nothing more than a skilled improv group (and we all know how soulless and evil improv groups are), so they could easily have put it there to help Henry's cover story. Lead me to the body is what they should be asking next.
As Sawyer said after he stole the guns in The Long Con, Jack and Locke were so worried about each other they never saw Henry Gale coming. He riled up Locke especially, who has been cranky this season (beat the shit out Charlie, didn't he?), and is getting crankier, judging by the tired disgust in his voice when he told Ana-Lucia "There's a man in my hatch and I want him out."
My hatch.

Next week looks great, and it's a Locke flashback. It also appears that the blast doors are comin' down and we'll get more spooky heiroglyphics. We've got practically every character on the edge, and three of them possibly in mortal danger. Should be fun, kids.

LOST Episode 2:16; The Whole Truth: A+


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