Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Am I legally required to blog about this?

It seems that everybody and their mother (but not mine, she's too Catholic) is sounding off about this lesbian Batwoman nonsense.
Apparently, it's major world news, as well ( There are wars still going on in Iraq and Afghanistan, right? I'm just checking).

Ok, so how do I feel about Lesbat?
Well, when I initially heard they were bringing back Batwoman as a lesbian I thought, Great: That must be Rene Montoya! And only a week after I asked someone at DC to make her a superhero "like, now".
No such luck, instead we've got Kathy Kane, who every major news outlet insists on referring to as a "buxom lipstick lesbian". What's the matter, DiDio? Don't have the cojones to put a raging bull dyke under the cowl?

They've got a regular Castro District going on over there in Gotham City, man. I'm waiting for Gay Vito and Johnny Cakes to come strolling along hand in hand.

It's all about sales, and that's fine. Same thing years and years ago when Northstar came bursting out of the closet. It got a lot of mainstream press, and that's the whole point.
Infinite Crisis was big, but didn't make the dent outside of the comics world the way DC probably hoped it would (try explaining why three Supermen are fighting each other to a lay person. Try it). But now DC is getting some serious coverage and gets to look progressive, or even cool.

Also, I don't like the costume. Red on black is an ineffective choice, especially since Batgirl and her classic blue and gray is so ingrained in people's minds.
Since DC's best writers and artists are wrapped up with other things, expect this whole Batwoman experiment to go down in flames, and quick.


the2scoops said...

In poker terms, it looks like Marvel saw DC's outting and raised them their own outting:


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