Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Yes! Just...I mean...yes!

Take notes, Brian Singer: this is how you handle a superhero franchise.

Spider-Man 3 looks awesome, the fan-boy in me in squealing like a Beatlemaniac. I'm glad they're going with the black suit story, and I think Topher Grace is the perfect 'bad twin' to Tobey Maguire.
After the jaw-dropping brilliance of #2, I trust Raimi to the ends of the earth with Spidey, and I think he may be able to pull out an interesting Venom.
I can't wait.


Matt Gill said...

I had no idea they were going with the alien costume storyline until I read your post--and I was wary. One thing I love is how faithful in tone the movies have been to the original Lee-Ditko and Lee-Romita Spider-Man. And the black costume is from the eighties, that can't be good. But then I watched the trailer-- Holy shit, that looks awesome. You're right, if anyone can handle the whole Venom nonsense, it's Sam Raimi. And for the part of me worried about the lack of Lee-Ditko influence on the movie, there's Sandman--complete in his green and black striped shirt!

mom said...
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Anonymous said...

The main let down in this movie is Sandman.
#!: How is he the killer of Ben Parker?
#2: His origin; while it's dumb that the scientists were too lazy, the motion of Flint's body particles was done very beautifully
#3: He's the first villain who discovers Pete is Spider-Man in film and doesn't die????????

Anonymous said...

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