Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Comic Book Meme Episode III

Part One here
Part Two here
Part Three below...

Writer & Artist: Frank Miller

It's perfect, isn't it?
Just imagine what gloriously sacrilegious things Miller could do with Ol' Cap. I'm picturing a very Dark Knight Strikes Again type book, a bitingly funny mix of politics and supervillains.
Imagine Miller taking on Red Skull!
Get Marvel on the phone, this is brilliance...

Writer: Geoff Johns
Artist: Jim Lee

If there's one thing Geoff Johns is good at, it's straightening out tangled continuity, and no character right now features a more intricate and pointless history than Carter or Katar or whatever in the hell he's called right now. But I have a weak spot for the Hawk, so I'd have faith in Geoff to bring him back to Kubert-era glory.
I put Jim Lee on this title 'cause he can draw bare chested barbarians and big-chested valkyries like nobody's business.
Besides, he sells, sells, sells.

Writer: Ed Brubaker
Artist: Carlos Pacheco
Darwyn Cooke is the obvious choice here, and he's brilliant, but Brubaker's great at combining old characters with modern surroundings (see the resurrection of Bucky over in Captain America).
Pacheco is one of the underrated talents in comics today, when he's solidly inked, he represents the best the current era of comics has to offer. Never showy, always strong.

Roster: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Arrow, The Atom, Hawkgirl, Hourman, Booster Gold

Writer: Peter David
Artist: Cameron Stewart

Cameron Stewart's bound to burst into stardom at any moment, why not give him a boost towards that by putting him on a classic title with a classic roster?
Cap and Iron Man are gimmes, and I miss Thor in the Marvel U, let's make him work again. Hawkeye returns from the dead, Black Widow hangs around for a little Iron Curtain sex appeal, and we'll keep the Spider-people from New Avengers but kick out Wolvie and Luke Cage.
Peter David is the ideal collaborator for Stewart, this would be another fun book.

Roster: Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Spider-Woman, Thor, Hawkeye, Black Panther, Black Widow

Writer: Grant Morrison
Artist: Jaime Hernandez

Oh yeah. I think that Jaime could do an amazing superhero comic, and I think that given the schizophrenic nature of the Seven Soldiers and the varying artistic styles throughout the minis that Jaime is one of the few artists capable of bringing them together in a way that truly works.
I think working with Jaime would be great for Grant, also. I really would love to see what these guys would push each other towards.


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