Thursday, June 22, 2006

Even tho it don't make no...sense!

We have our winner, and it's regular reader/commenter Jason Carlin aka the2scoops, who runs his own excellent blog as has fabulous taste in music.

Jason, hit me with your address at and you'll receive the prize which is...(drumroll)...

A barely read copy of Green Lantern #10 by Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis. Yes, this lovely issue is the only thing to receieve a failing grade (to find the review, scroll to the very bottom of the page) in the short history of this site.
Seriously, scoops, I want this the hell out of my house.

But, actually seriously, thanks for being a regular, 2 scoops and anyone else paying attention in the bloggosphere.

Between my new job and an upcoming move my posts will probably be a little less frequent in the next month or so (I have no idea if I'm gonna get those Sequart columns in on my already irregular twice a month schedule), and I look forward to having the time to really expound on all that is glorious and geeky soon.
It's a hell of a thing buying a copy of All-Star Superman or Astonishing X-Men when you're saving up for a deposit and first month's rent. So if I don't review those books for a month, you know why.


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