Monday, June 19, 2006

Wherein I join a comic book meme already in progress...

Hypothetical situation: Due to diminished readership and rising paper costs, it has been decided only fifteen comic titles will be published from this day forward. You have been charged with the decisions of which titles shall be printed and what creative teams will be assigned to them.

Artists may only draw one title; writers may script up to four (unless the writer is also the artist, in which case he's limited to one). Also, while it would be awesome to have Art Adams drawing a monthly NFL SuperPro book or Alex Ross painting the further adventures of the TRS-80 Computer Whiz Kids, we all know that's not going to happen, though feel free to use them for a few issues a year as fill-in artists or to take advantage of other such loopholes.

You may also set a creative direction, tone, or other details if you see fit (i.e. choose the Avengers or JLA members who would appear should you decide to have those titles make the final cut).

This comes from a meme thread posted on Ye Olde Comick Booke Blogge several months ago. I just now saw it, and will weigh in with my choices, five at a time. So!


Writer: Grant Morrison
Artist: Phil Jimenez

Since people are just going to insist on keeping Superman going, why not throw big daddy Grant Morrison on it, and see if he can bring the kind of off-the-wall fun to the title that he's bringing to All-Star. No one's had a better take on the Man of Steel in almost 70 years. While I'm at it, I'm going to reunite Grant with his artist through the bulk of his Volume 2 of the Invisibles, Phil Jimenez. Phil did a good job with the various Super-people of Infinite Crisis, but we'll get a better inker on him this time.


Writer: Alan Moore
Artist: Joe Kubert

For the all-time best DC character, we're giving you the all-time best DC artist: big Joe Kubert, whose two sons are tragically unemployed in this alternate universe. Thinking about it now, I'm surprised that they never tried Kubert on the mean streets of Gotham. We'll fix that. And for writer, why not bring Alan Moore, who's written some excellent Batman stories through the years and has the darkness that the title requires.


Writer: Mark Millar
Artist: John Cassaday

Mark isn't here because I think he did a particularly good job the last time he took on Spidey, but because I think that he can do better. With Cassaday as a partner, I think his imagination would be unlimited. What I like about putting Cassaday on this title is he brings a weight to his art, a realism that would work well with Millar, since Mark never really gets spacey.


Writer: Peter David
Artist: Steve Mc Niven

McNiven is good with teams, and David has the ability to keep things fun, and both would suit the X-Men well. The roster is: Cyclops, Wolverine, Phoenix (Rachel or Jean, writer's choice), Shadowcat, Storm, Colossus, Nightcrawler, Iceman. Emma Frost and Magneto are both evil, as is Quicksilver. Also: we're killing Professor X off right away.

Writer: Joss Whedon
Artist: Ryan Sook

Whedon's great with women that kick ass and take names, and Sook is maybe the most dynamic artist working today. I think having a partner with those capabilities would open up new worlds for Joss. Also in this alternate universe, Ryan Sook would be capable of bringing a book in on time every month.

Ok, dear readers: it's your turn. You don't have to pick fifteen, you don't have to agree with my choices (except for Kubert on Batman, I mean come on).
If you want to put Chris Ware on The Flash (think about it, the most static artist teamed up with the most fluid character.), that's totally cool with me.
Comment away.


The Man From U.N.C.L.E. said...

Vladimir Nabokov and Roy Lichtenstein on Girl's Romance. What do I win?

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