Sunday, June 18, 2006

Spidey Column, Hard Luck for Italy

Not only does Italy have to suffer the indignation of a tie with the United States in the World Cup, but the three days are up and my Italian visitor has not e-mailed me to claim this fershlugginer No-Prize. So we move on.

Our next potential winner comes from the UK (Oi!), specifically The University of Reading. He or she was referred by Matt Gill's The Silent Penultimate Panel Watch. You've got two days, Reading. I hope to hear from you at

Also, another Sunday edition of the Black Hole is up over at
Today, the first in a four part series examining the recent "Spider-Man: The Other" cross-over that, to use a Phil Hendrie quote, went down like a freaking Piper Cub. See where it went wrong here:

The Other: Part One

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