Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The First Official GEEK U.S.A. No-Prize

We are rapidly approaching our 1,000th visitor here at GEEK U.S.A., and it took only four ever-lovin' months to do it. But since I do have regular readers (you're quiet but you're out there, hello people), I thought it only fair to thank them.

Anyway: for that lucky visitor we have quite a surprise planned. In the tradition of the eternal blowhard Stan Lee and Marvel Comics, we will be sending the first Official Geek U.S.A. No-Prize. What is it? Maybe it's candy. Maybe it's wine. Maybe it's a comic book that I really don't want anymore. Perhaps it's a handsome plaque.

Sometime next week, we'll all know the answer. I will mention that family members are ineligible (sorry Uncle Fester). I'll know who the winner is by checking my Site Meter reports, I'll post the general location when the magic number is reached, and the winner will have three days to e-mail me at geekusablog@yahoo.com, if they fail to do so we'll move on down the line to visitor 1,001 and so on.


PS: That is indeed a young Billy Black in the photo, Los Angeles, circa 1983. I've been a geek for a very, very long time, kids.


Uncle Junior said...

"ineligible" -- inELIGible??? Who gave you your very first Grant Morrison doll? Who walked on hands and knees through a nuclear fireball to get you Dan Clowes' autographed prostate?

"Then kill me now. Go on, go, go into the ham, and take the carving knife. And stab me here, here! Now!"

bar-codes said...
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Matt Guerrero said...

Oh, poor you

Anyway: I couldn't understand a damn word that doll said. What I could make out was always about peyote or suing the guys who made the Matrix.